First look at Apple MacBook Air M2 case design (3 photos + video)

A few weeks ago, Apple introducedUpdated all-in-one iMac 2021 with seven different body colors. Insiders have suggested that this design trick could be used for the new MacBook Air, which is scheduled for release in late 2021. The author of the YouTube channel Front page tech showed in the video how a laptop from Apple will look like, made in different colors.

According to an insider, the corps of the updatedThe Apple MacBook Air will be made of metal and painted in similar colors to the iMac. The expert notes small changes in the computer keyboard, reduced white frames around the display, small thickness of the case, and also reports a decrease in the weight of the laptop. On the underside of the updated MacBook Air, two lateral anti-slip and shock-absorbing rubberized strips will be glued.

In addition, an insider suggested that the MacBookThe next generation Air will have two USB-C connectors spaced apart on different end faces of the computer. The technical parameters known to the expert are limited to the assumption that the computer hardware will run on Apple's next generation ARM processor M2. How true the insider's assumptions are will become known after the official launch of the updated Apple MacBook Air line, scheduled for the end of 2021.