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First HP Specter Folio Review: Stylish Leather Transformer Laptop

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Today, in the face of tough competition,manufacturers have to excel in different ways to attract the attention of buyers. Almost all modern laptops are made using plastic or aluminum. However, HP decided to go the other way and provided the HP Specter Folio.

The HP Specter Folio is a new $ 1300 transformer notebook ($ 85,300), the hallmark of which is a leather-covered case.

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  • Leather Design
  • Convenience design
  • Performance
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  • HP Specter Folio Specs


    $ 1299 - $ 1499 ($ ​​86,000 - $ 99,000)


    Burgundy / Light Gold / Ash


    13.3 inches (1920 × 1080) / 13.3 inches (3840 × 2160)


    Intel Core i5-8200Y / Intel Core i7-8550Y


    8 GB


    256 GB PCIe

    Key stroke

    1.3 mm

    Ports and connectors

    2 × Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-C, 3.5 mm headphone, nano-SIM (optional)

    The size

    30.5 × 22.9 × 1.5 cm


    1451 g

    Is it covered with leather or leather?

    When the new Specter Folio was announced,Stacy Wolf, the chief executive officer at HP, stressed that the new laptop is not wrapped in leather, but made of leather, which gives gadgets good flexibility and versatility.

    The new HP Specter Folio consists of two parts: keyboard covered with leather and a screen that is also wrapped in this natural material. The device can be used in three positions: traditional laptop mode, watching movies and presentations in which the display is placed in front of the touchpad and as a tablet when the laptop is folded.

    The cover on Folio is perfectly felt by hand and has the smell of a new leather jacket. The laptop is available in two colors: brown and dark red.

    Convenience design

    Over the years transformers laptopsused various methods of placement on surfaces. HP Specter Folio can be installed in three positions, which have already been mentioned earlier, and magnets hidden in different parts of the case help the device to securely fix the design. In general, the laptop is folded quickly and smoothly.

    The skin here is not quite tight tometal case, creating an air gap, it makes the device look like a work of art, rather than a laptop. In its closed position, Specter Folio's notebook looks like an elegant notebook or notebook.

    Performance Specter Folio

    I did not have enough time tocheck the performance of HP Specter Folio completely, but I managed to use the keyboard. The keystroke is pleasant here, but it is noticeably smaller than the XPS 13. Typing on the Folio will be convenient.

    The laptop is equipped with a 13.3-inch touch screenFull HD with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The Specter Folio's maximum screen brightness reaches 400 nits. The picture looks great - clearly, colorful, with deep black tones. HP also announced a 4K version of the display, which will be released next year.

    Under the body of the HP Folio installed 8-coreCore i5 or Core i7 Y series processor (Amber Lake), 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD drive. These are the latest Intel dual-core processors, but they offer some improvements, including better battery life and 4G LTE connectivity.

    Another important point - there is no HP Specter Foliofan, it makes the system very quiet. I look forward to more detailed tests to find out if the skin helps dissipate heat or collects it on the contrary. Nevertheless, Specter Folio leather is one of the coolest Transformer solutions I've ever seen.


    In any case, the leather case here iskey component of the design. This means that the HP Specter Folio feels more like a note book when it stacks up. How this coverage will look over time, yet to be found out. HP does not disclose information about any kind of skin treatment, and subsequent wear may make the laptop look like Microsoft Surface. "It is collapsible," says Wolf, worn leather may be replaced in the future.

    Clearly, HP is experimenting with Folio. The company employs animators and modelers to capture a growing share of the premium notebook market, dominated by Apple and Microsoft.

    HP plans to launch Specter Folio asexclusive, with availability only on certain trading floors. A model with an Intel Core i5 will cost $ 1,299 ($ ​​86,000), and with a Core i7 about $ 1,399 ($ ​​92,500). There is even an option with LTE and a Core i7 processor for $ 1,499 ($ ​​99,000), and the version with 4K display and burgundy color will not be available until December.


    • Luxury leather cover.
    • Innovative and beautiful design.
    • Magnets, fixing the screen in any position.


    • Display is not 4K (temporarily).

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