First generation iPad mini turned into art and sells for $200 (5 photos)

GRID Studios is known for recyclingold Apple products and turns them into works of art. More precisely, the company frames the disassembled products. Now the company has taken on the first-generation iPad mini. GRID iPad mini is built on the same principle as the company's other installations: the device is disassembled, and all its components are framed. Looks minimalistic and stylish.

The company is now selling the installation for 200dollars. GRID has other framed devices as well, including virtually every generation of iPhone up to the iPhone X, the first Apple Watch, and even some game consoles like Nintendo's Game Boy and Sony's PSP.

As seen in the GRID photos, the logic boardThe first generation iPad mini was quite compact compared to the size of the entire device. The iPad mini was one of the first Apple devices to feature a Lightning connector as it was introduced right after the iPhone 5. However, it still had the regular Home button (Touch ID didn't arrive until 2013 with the iPhone 5s).

Source: 9to5mac