Firefox Browser Can Bypass Site Blocking

National providers often imposerestrictions and locks that users, in turn, are trying to get around. The UK Internet Services Providers Association (ISPAUK) Providers Association noted that Mozilla's Firefox browser makes it easy to bypass provider-level locks and filters.

British regulator in the face of the providerthe ISPA associations demanded that Mozilla limit the ability to bypass Internet blocking and parental controls using the company's developed browser, Firefox, which uses the innovative DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocol in the new version. Mozilla representatives were forced to meet the wishes of the UK regulatory authorities. Firefox browser for UK users will be provided with the DNS-over-HTTPS option disabled. To activate DoH, most likely, citizens of England must either launch it manually or download Firefox, provided for other regions.

Probably, the same may be demanded from Mozilla by representatives of the Russian authorities, as there are also sites and resources in the Russian Federation, access to which is strictly prohibited in the territory of the country.