Firefly Sport - a sports electric car for children 4-10 years old (2 photos)

The British company Young Drive Motor Cars has released a smaller model of the Firefly Sport electric car designed for children from 4 to 10 years old.

Although the Firefly Sport is built to look like a realelectric car and is controlled in the same way. The goal is to prepare young drivers for driving on real streets. The Firefly Sport is a 2.1 meter electric car made entirely from British parts.

The maximum speed of the electric vehicle is 40kilometers per hour, but parents can limit it if they wish. Plus, parents don't have to worry about their kids driving across town or getting into an accident. The machine is equipped with a cut-off range of 200 meters, and if there is an obstacle on the way, Firefly Sport will automatically stop.

Young drivers willing to testelectric Firefly Sport can visit Young Drivers centers in the UK or buy one. Pricing for the electric model will be announced today, August 18, at the British Motor Show.