“Fire-fighting” batteries have been created that extinguish themselves in case of fire (video)

It's no secret that the batteries of smartphones and otherdevices may catch fire if mechanically damaged. The main reason for this phenomenon is the composition of the electrolyte used in them. An international group of scientists replaced it with another liquid, significantly improving the fire safety of the battery while maintaining other consumer properties.

According to the study, modern energy-intensivebatteries are relatively flammable - in the event of a short circuit, the temperature of the battery can jump by hundreds of degrees in a few seconds and lead to a fire. The battery developed by scientists uses 3M Novec 7300 hydrofluoroether instead of the standard electrolyte with some changes in the chemical composition.

According to the researchers, the prototype batterycan operate throughout the year without significant loss of capacity, at temperatures from -75 to +80 °C. In addition, it is not prone to fire. For testing, scientists pierced the battery with a nail, simulating a short circuit, but it did not catch fire. How lithium-ion batteries behave under the same conditions is shown below.

Scientists also stated that even ifIf the battery catches fire, the new electrolyte will extinguish the flame itself. It has already been tested in potassium-ion and lithium-ion batteries, but there are plans to test it in other types of batteries in the future. There is no information yet about the possible timing of the appearance of commercial solutions based on the invention.