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Finland has developed a huge robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning the streets. What can he do?

Car manufacturers have long been striving toto make the equipment know how to drive itself, without the help of the driver. In general, they do it very well and many electric cars are able to independently rebuild to different lanes and even park. However, it is too early to completely trust driving electronics, because the computer can make a mistake and cause a fatal accident. But why not equip an autopilot with slow technology that cleans the streets of debris and does not threaten anyone? On the roads of many cities, small cars with brushes for cleaning asphalt drive around in the morning and this is very cool. But it would be even better if these devices were autonomous. Such a machine was recently presented to the world by the Finnish company Trombia Technologies. In fact, the Trombia Free device she developed is a huge robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning the streets of dirt. Let's find out everything that is now known about him.

Robot vacuum cleaner Trombia Free on the street in Helsinki

Street cleaning robot

The robot vacuum cleaner was recently reported by NewAtlas. The invention of Trombia Technologies is not an abstract concept, but a fully functional device that is already working on the streets of Helsinki. Without any help from the people, he moves along the walking route of Baan during the day, and at night he cleans up the deserted streets of the city. The aforementioned route was previously a railroad, but was converted to a hiking and cycling site in 2012. The road is 1.3 kilometers long and is used by up to 700,000 cyclists every day. It goes without saying that a lot of rubbish collects in this place during the day, which needs to be removed.

Baana Walking Trail (Helsinki)

The robot is about 3.5 meters long andthe width is 2.3 meters. If additional side brushes are added to the structure, the width will reach 3 meters. As you can understand, this is a rather large vehicle that occupies an entire traffic lane. The maximum speed of the robot is 10 kilometers per hour, but this figure is limited at the software level and it cannot accelerate more than 6 kilometers per hour. Apparently, this is done for the safety of others, because at high speed the robot can injure someone.

The robot is equipped with bright illumination so that it can be clearly seen

Like any supported carself-driving, the Trombia Free robot is equipped with cameras and proximity sensors. With the help of them, he builds a map of the surrounding space, determines the presence of obstacles and carefully avoids them. This is clearly more easily given to him than to full-fledged cars, because the robot usually travels along the same route and new objects appear on its way not so often. He uses rotating brushes to clear debris from the road.

Agility Robotics Digit Courier Robot

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For some it will be a surprise, butthere are courier robots in Russia as well. In 2020, six-wheeled Yandex.rover devices appeared on the streets of Moscow and Innopolis (Tatarstan). The essence of their work is simple: they pick up dishes ordered by people from cafes and restaurants and deliver them to the address inside a built-in container. It can only be opened by the customer using his smartphone. This delivery method works in test mode, but it all looks very convenient.

Yandex.rover and regular Yandex courier

You may have seen robots on the streets too. If so, tell us where it was and what did they do?