FinalHub - Thunderbolt 3 hub (router + built-in power bank) (5 photos + video)

The need to organize a workplace in the rightthe moment where you are is a new reality that cannot be ignored. FinalHub, a 3-in-1 device, will help you get the tool to work and complete the on-site task. With it, you can connect a monitor and all accessories to the laptop. In addition, the device will distribute the Internet and charge the equipment. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Kickstarter launched a fundraiser for this new product and announced the technical specifications of FinalHub:
• it has 9 connectors: three USB 3.1;
• gigabit Ethernet;
• USB-C, 3.5 jack;
• HDMI with 4K support;
• Mini DP and Thunderbolt 3;
• built-in battery with a capacity of 12,000 mAh (can charge the MacBook Pro by 150% or provide 48 hours of operation in LTE router mode).

Three slots are also available: under Micro SIM and SD and Micro SD memory cards.
The device works in two modes: via gigabit Ethernet or from micro SIM.

What functions are able to perform FinalHub:
• distribute the Internet to 10 devices at the same time;
• ensure safety with the help of built-in protection, including firewall;
• provide ad blocking and tracking data.

There is support for VPN and Tor client. At the heart of the firmware of the open source router is OpenWrt.
FinalHub supports QC 3.0 fast charging.

The preliminary price for the product is 899 Hong Kong dollars (approximately 7,600 rubles), now it can be ordered on Kickstarter.

After it goes on sale in January 2020, its price will double (up to 15,200 rubles), so potential users should hurry up with the order.

Source: kickstarter