Feel like Aquaman: the Chinese have released a miniature scooter that is attached to the arm

Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero,Like Aquaman? Agree, not the most popular comic book hero, but after Momoa played this role, they began to joke less about the ruler of all oceans.

This is not about the external image of a man in a golden wetsuit, with long hair, a trident and the ability to speak with fish. It’s more about the ability to swim quickly, cutting through the sea surface.

If yes, then we are ready to please you. In a sense, your dream was fulfilled by the Chinese (we are not even surprised).

Waydoo has decided to launch the Subnado, a compact underwater scooter that weighs only 1.5 kg.

The device itself is cylindrical in shape and is attached to the user's forearm. The mechanism is set in motion by pressing the thumb.

At the same time, despite its modest size, this baby has a 500 W motor and is capable of speeds up to 1.4 meters per second (taking into account if your weight does not exceed 65 kg).

The device is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $299, which is generally not that expensive for an extremely interesting experience.

The device is recharged from USB charging, Subnado is enough for 56 minutes of use. There are also additional accessories - lights. The gadget itself can also be used as an external battery.

According to the creators of Subnado, it canattach also to a surfboard or the bottom of a jet ski. Or even buy 2 devices for both hands, thereby significantly speeding up the speed of movement.

The maximum working depth of the Subnado is 60 meters.