Fatigue of drivers will be controlled by Yandex.Taxi and other services

The driver’s sleep, unfortunately, is not uncommona phenomenon often leading to tragic consequences. The transition from wakefulness to falling asleep occurs imperceptibly, and the driver loses control of traffic on the road.

Given the statistics of tragic cases due to this problem, in December last year, the State Duma adopted a bill providing for the introduction of a new mode of work and rest for drivers.

The introduction of technology for monitoring fatigue and driver attention was attended by Yandex in partnership with VisionLabs (25.07% belong to Sberbank).

Companions provided system developmentassessment of the condition of drivers, thanks to which there is an analysis of the collected data. According to their results, drivers can receive a warning signal or restrict access to new orders. An infrared camera with software is installed in the installation, which Yandex.Taxi developers have worked on. It will be mounted on the windshield and control 68 points on the face, determining the level of fatigue by a number of signs: how often the driver blinks, yawns, how firmly holds his head, doesn’t “bite his nose”. The device itself determines the level of fatigue, an Internet connection is not required.

Representatives of Yandex.Taxis "suggest that such a device has the prospect of becoming a market product, necessary for people making long journeys by car. The development will be tested on several thousand cars with drivers of different categories involved both in Yandex.Taxi and working through the Uber service. Recall that at the beginning of last year, Uber and Yandex.Taxi announced a merger in Russia and the CIS.

Since the problem is very relevant, other services such as Lucky, Citimobil and Gett are also developing and testing driver fatigue tracking systems.

Source: businessman