Faraday Future has found the money, but still will not release the "Tesla killer". Why?

Chinese car manufacturer FaradayFuture, which until recently was considered the main competitor of Tesla Ilona Mask, still managed to find a new partner for the production of electric vehicles. The company will create a joint venture with The9 gaming corporation, which will become its main investor. Despite this, the future of the Faraday Future remains hazy, and not only because of the initial investment of $ 5 million, which is tiny by automotive standards.

It is assumed that when performing certainconditions (which - not reported), the investment will grow to $ 600 million. With this money, FF wants to release a serial electric car V9, which will be built on the basis of the FF91 car. It sounds optimistic, but it hardly reaches the point - a number of facts already testify to this.

First, the Chinese gaming company The9financially can not provide such a large amount of investment. If you look at its capitalization, the company is on the stock exchange a little more than $ 100 million. In addition, representatives of both companies made promises to produce 300 thousand cars a year: even Tesla with its turnover produces about 250 thousand cars during this period.

It looks like Faraday Future is experiencing seriousproblems and such partnerships want to attract money from outside investors. The financial problems of the electric vehicle manufacturer began in 2016 - numerous trials and debts of the founder of Faraday Future were to blame. Last time, the company agreed on investments with the Chinese holding Evergrande Health. But even here everything did not go smoothly: after the Faraday Future received $ 800 million from 2 billion investments, she immediately asked for the remaining amount, although under the contract she had to receive money within two years. As a result, the investor canceled the deal, and the manufacturer of electric vehicles was left without raised funds.

It is a pity, because the idea was grand. At the presentation, the car FF91 had a power unit of a thousand horsepower, and one battery charge could be enough for 600 kilometers. The lidars of the FF91 are hidden under the hood and retracted inside when not in use, and the car “recognizes” the owner and, when he comes, opens the door to him. What is not a "killer" Tesla? That's just all this, apparently, will remain the dreams of the head of the FF.

By the way, a few years ago, the employees of Ilona Mask gladly transferred to the Faraday Future, but now engineers who recently worked at FF go to work at Tesla.

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