Fantastic 3D monitor from Star Wars is already on sale (3 photos + video)

The tale becomes true. Modern engineers are rapidly realizing the most daring projects offered by science fiction writers in films about the future development of technology. Specialists from Voxon Photonics from Australia created a unique holographic table, which does not require any special equipment such as AR glasses or helmets to view the image. It is noteworthy that the installation of Australian scientists are already available on the open market.

When describing a holographic table Voxon VX1,engineers drew an analogy with a 3D printer, which literally “prints” a holographic image in space. The image is divided into horizontal layers, which are projected at a frequency of 4 thousand frames per second, creating a visualization of a three-dimensional object with a frame rate of 30 fps. The technology is just emerging and the equipment for creating such images is quite complicated, which allows generating holographic images of a limited volume of not more than 18 x 18 x 8 centimeters. In the future, the size of volumetric objects will be significantly increased.

Currently, the main field of activity forVoxon VX1 Holographic Desks is a medical software demonstration and computer games industry powered by the Voxatron engine, which contains plug-ins for Unity and the Microsoft Kinect controller.

New software significantlysurpasses all existing analogs in data processing speed, which is explained by the use of developers' experience in the field of DLLs. Further use of 3D displays is possible in education or for video calls using Kinect, capturing the image. At the same time, the picture gets color due to the use of three LED projectors equipped with red, green and blue lamps. A protective glass dome covers the device from mechanical damage and dust.

Voxon VX1 is currently available for purchase on the site.Voxon Photonics. The life of the device is 500 hours, and the replacement of worn parts is made in just 10 minutes. The basic kit costs $ 9.8 thousand, and the Voxon Z3D device created for gamers is estimated at $ 12.5 thousand.

Source: newatlas