Fake Bank Robot Helps Scammers

Modern scammers are inventing more and moresophisticated high-tech ways to trick bank customers with phone calls. Given the gradual increase in public awareness of the various methods used by criminals, the latest fraudulent fraud schemes using a robotic phone system for potential victims have been developed. One of the injured Russians has already lost three million rubles after a "conversation" with a "robot swindler."

Bank customers have become more attentiveto phone calls on behalf of banking institutions. Therefore, the criminals used the service of a pseudo-banking robot. The victim refused to give the verification code to the caller who called, and then he graciously switched the client to the robot. An unsuspecting victim confidentially informed the robot the necessary numbers. As a result, the client lost three million rubles.

Experts say using legalrobotic calls are never asked for an access code. Sometimes you just need to repeat a series of numbers behind a robot to confirm that a person called, and not a malicious program.

Source: News