FaceTime vulnerability inspired UK intelligence agencies (3 photos)

In late January, it became known that appleFaceTime can be used to stream audio or video from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac before the other party accepts the call. This vulnerability prompted Apple to temporarily disable Group FaceTime's feature on the messenger until the bug was fixed, as it had already triggered many lawsuits. But as long as users and manufacturers see this as a problem, government supervisors see the bug as a unique opportunity to spy on people.

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United States Government HeadquartersKingdom made a proposal to require secure communication services to provide special services the ability to add invisible participants to the chat rooms. The project was named Ghost Proposal ("Ghost Offer"). “It’s relatively easy for a service provider to add a law enforcement participant to a group chat or call,” the proposal says. In essence, this means that Apple, Google, Facebook (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger) Microsoft and other development companies allow a third contact to join the existing communication of two or more people, but without notifying the existing participants about the additional party.

Using encryption in exchange servicesmessages does not allow to install wiretapping and creates serious difficulties for law enforcement. Since encryption cannot be defeated, law enforcement agencies are urging to legitimize these back doors. They do not need to break into cryptography to intercept calls and messages in protected resources in order to protect the interests of the state. However, cybersecurity experts are skeptical of the proposed idea. It is not only difficult, but also dangerous to create premeditated veiled from other programmers in software. They will certainly try to use hackers and other intruders for personal gain. Who will be responsible for unforeseen consequences and criminal acts in this case is also unknown.