Facebook plans to pay for voice messages

A recent Facebook scandalAmazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, caught in unauthorized listening to voice messages from users, prompted them to fundamentally change the policy of the company. One of the first to respond was Facebook, which previously stated that the use of voice messaging was necessary to improve speech recognition technology.

Now users of the social network whoseMessages will be taken for the development and testing of company algorithms, will be able to receive financial rewards. The new program will be called “Pronunciations” and will be implemented in the Viewpoints application. Program participants must record the phrase "Hey, Portal" and name the first user from their own list of friends. Each message is recorded twice. In total, each user will be able to leave only 10 paid Facebook messages.

The financial reward system is built onAssigning internal points to Viewpoints. Each message will be evaluated at 200 points, and the payment starts after the customer rating has increased to 1000 points, for which he will receive $ 5 through the PayPal payment system.

Currently, US citizens over 18 years old with 75 or more friends on Facebook are allowed to participate in the Pronunciations program.