Facebook plans to introduce WhatsApp ads for self-sustaining messenger

One of the most popular apps in the world in the world.- WhatsApp messenger, may receive an unexpected and not very pleasant update for users. The owner of the messenger since 2014, the Facebook corporation, which spent $ 16 billion on the acquisition, can open an application for advertisers in order to increase the payback of the project.

One of the main reasons for the high popularityWhatsApp has always had a complete lack of advertising. However, the economic crisis that erupted in 2020, failures with US regulators, which led to gigantic fines and a decrease in business activity in the world caused by coronavirus, require the corporation to search for sources of financing. In addition, over the period since 2014, the company was not able to return the funds spent on the transaction.

Facebook Insider Informationappeared in The Information, citing anonymous sources. According to an unnamed Facebook employee, an opportunity is being developed to quickly integrate advertising into WhatsApp.

However, along with the possible use of WhatsAppfor advertising and making extra profit, application developers are constantly improving the program, providing new opportunities for customers. So recently, WhatsApp has expanded to eight the number of places available for group calls.

Source: Theinformation