Facebook plan to share (2 photos)

Giant social network Facebook recentlytime is increasingly becoming the focus of scandalous events related to confidential user information. Due to the fact that the company has concentrated numerous resources, including two leading instant messengers and extremely popular Instagram, suspicions arose of excessive concentration and the possibility of applying antitrust laws to divide the company into several independent parts. One of the first such idea was put forward by Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook, who left the company more than 10 years ago. In his opinion, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “neglects the safety of the user's personal information entrusted to him for the sake of growth and profit,” and therefore he must be held responsible for the mistakes of his brainchild.

Later such a proposal was voiced by the CalifornianSenator Kamala Harris, who said that the company placed irrepressible expansion in the first place, forgetting the interests of users and, above all, the safety of their confidential data. According to the senator, the need has matured "... to regulate this issue."

Facebook uses a huge number of peopleinvolved in social networks and developing their business through them. Kamala Harris is convinced that the scale of Facebook puts pressure on competitors, creating unequal conditions for doing business and therefore the company should be divided.

Facebook responded to all the statements,stating that the scale and influence of the company is not a real problem, and for its success the platform should not bear any punishment. After all, on the created site, people from all over the world can find each other, communicate, conduct business, train, organize charitable foundations or fees for important projects. To top it off, Nick Clegg, vice president of global issues and communications for the social network, stressed that such a vast platform as Facebook has more opportunities to respond to attempts to interfere in political elections and opinions from other states or terrorist groups than from small companies. with limited resources.