Facebook is going to "read" thoughts

Environmental management ideas using "powerthoughts "takes real shape in the laboratories of the world's largest social network Facebook Reality Labs. During the experiment, the subjects were able, using brain activity, to print text on the screen.

The experiment involved three people with epilepsy, in whose brain electrodes were implanted. In the future, it is planned to develop devices that do not require direct penetration into the human brain.

During the experiment, subjects were asked simplequestions and several answers, and the device recorded the activity of the brain. Using the data of fixation of brain activity in the future, the device could determine the answers only by brain activity. System accuracy from 61% to 76%.

The next step will be the development of a non-invasivedevice that is simply worn on the head of a person. It will be enough for the user to imagine the words in his mind, and the system will determine them by the activity of the brain.

Currently experimental devicequite massive and ineffective, and not easy to use. However, scientists from Facebook Reality Labs believe that the method has great potential. The device can be used in medicine, to communicate with people who have experienced a stroke and have lost the ability to speak.