Facebook is developing its own operating system

High-tech company Facebookis investing billions of dollars in silicon chip technology, mind reading technology, and its own operating system. Thus, Facebook plans to become one of the leaders in the market for devices using virtual reality.

The team involved in developing their ownFacebook operating system, led by the famous Mark Lukowski, previously worked at Microsoft and created Windows NT. Currently, the Facebook project is classified, however, leaked insider information claims that the Facebook OS is intended for use in the management of Oculus virtual reality helmets and Portal smart monitors, which are now running on the Android OS.

The main task of the newly created operating system will be the liberation from the influence of the market and competitors, as well as ensuring the optimal operation of the developed Facebook devices.

According to one of the leaders of Facebookthe development of its own operating system will reduce its dependence on Google, and will also provide greater protection for new company developments from competing companies.