Facebook creates a map of the population density of the planet (4 photos)

If you think that Facebook already knows everything about the people of the planet thanks to the eponymous social network, then no. Now the company is engaged in mapping the population density on Earth.

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The project was presented 3 years ago, thencreated maps of 22 countries. Now there are new maps covering a substantial part of Africa. According to the company, the project should eventually display almost the entire population of the planet. Also noted that the creation of such maps is quite a challenge. Of course, there are satellite images in high resolution, covering almost all corners of the Earth, but it takes a lot of time to turn them into valuable information.

So, to create such cards, people have tomark each building in the pictures, matching them with census data. Particularly difficult in Africa: 55,000 people can live on sites of up to 390,000 square kilometers.

Artificial intelligence solve this problemmuch easier. To automate the process, information from the Open Street Map open map project was used. A computer vision system was trained, which now recognizes at home from satellite imagery. In total, the AI ​​analyzed 11.5 billion images with a size of 64x64 pixels. The resulting data was then used to remove satellite information displaying unoccupied territories.

Facebook emphasizes speed and system. She was checked by specially trained experts. Information obtained in this way can be used, for example, during vaccination or natural disasters. Or when deciding to move. At least that’s how the company justifies its actions.