Facebook commented on recent data breach of half a billion users

Latest Facebook Mass Loss Informationconfidential data of 533 million users, including the information of the founder of the social network Mark Zuckerberg, was officially commented on by Facebook.

Loss of personal data of users from 106 countriesof the world, including 10 million Russians, was recorded on April 3, when information about the phone numbers, addresses, names and date of birth of Facebook clients appeared in the public domain on one of the hacker forums.

Facebook said in a statement that the criminalsobtained data without using hacker hacking, but using a vulnerability in the security system of a social network. At the same time, the abduction itself took place before September 2019, since later the vulnerability was eliminated.

However, in the comments of the experts, the opinion was expressed,that the situation remains serious despite the long time elapsed since the data theft. The loss of user phone numbers is especially dangerous, since now they are often used to authenticate accounts.