Facebook and Google used Apple to spy on users (4 photos)

Apple executives do not approve of spying onusers and collecting data about their actions carried out using mobile devices. However, this does not mean that other corporations refuse it. Sometimes they are ready to go to all sorts of tricks to achieve their goals, using for this all possible and impossible loopholes. So, in addition to Facebook, the Internet giant Google used the trust of Apple, collecting personal information of iOS users behind the back of the apple company.

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Apple closed Google’s features onsharing its internal iOS apps after a similar ban on Facebook. Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and other pre-beta apps have stopped working, along with employee-only apps, such as Gbus and Google's in-house café apps.

Apple's certificate blocking actionsthe developer happened a day after Google turned off the Screenwise Meter application after covering the press for tracking iOS users by Facebook, bypassing the prohibitions of the apple company. Google also used a separate software to monitor how people (with their permission) use their iPhones, like a social media research application. The Google app was also able to work thanks to Apple’s corporate program, which allows developers to distribute internal apps. Google representatives were quick to sincerely admit to their mistake, which helped them to maintain business relations with Apple and partner goodwill.

Apple has now recoveredthe functionality of all Google internal iOS applications, as well as renewed the corporate developer certificate for Facebook, which allows social networks to use internal iOS applications.

Meanwhile, there is more evidence.that a number of companies use Apple’s corporate program to distribute applications to consumers. IOS developer Alex Faykowski discovered that Amazon, DoorDash and Sonos are distributing beta versions of their applications to non-employees. Apple may be forced to take action against these applications or even review its entire corporate program in the future.