Facebook accidentally left frightening posts on Oculus controllers

Facebook is actively developing its technology.virtual reality. In September 2018, she announced the Oculus Quest universal helmet, and in early 2019 she announced an updated version of the Oculus Rift device. They are about to appear on sale, but the company just now noticed that there were Easter eggs for the developers of consumer versions, intended for developers. We are talking about the inscriptions, which are quite capable of scaring the ignorant paranoids.

Facebook Head of VR Division, NeithMitchell explained that tens of thousands of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S kits for sale included controllers with Easter eggs from prototype times. In particular, we are talking about the inscriptions “Big Brother is watching you”, “There were masons here”, “This place is giving up” and even “Hello, iFixit! We see you. " The last message is addressed to a team of experts who are testing new devices for maintainability after they go on sale.

Nate Mitchell noted that such jokes indevices are inappropriate, but the company will not recall the sent batches of devices. In future batches of such messages will not be, because the manufacturer has already changed the assembly process and made sure that such inscriptions will no longer be added. Words, of course, do not affect the performance of devices in any way - many buyers may not even notice them, or take them for granted.

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New virtual reality helmets for nownot available for purchase, but the first owners will certainly receive these same instances with hidden messages. Well, they will have a great opportunity to sell these copies with a "limited edition" at an inflated price. Although rare these devices can hardly be called, because we are talking about tens of thousands of sets.

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