Face ID on iPhone managed to deceive by improvised means

Preservation of confidential information andpreventing the use of a smartphone by intruders is one of the most important functions of modern mobile devices. Studying cyber security issues, Tencent has discovered an unusual method for hacking a Face ID system that identifies iPhone users by face.

For this, the experts used one ofdisadvantages of the face scan system. Face ID technology does not respond to the area near the user's eyes when glasses are worn on it. To deceive Face ID, black and white electrical tape was required, as well as the “attention recognition” function.

When the user wears glasses, the Face ID function does notcan recognize his eyes and direction of gaze. The scanner “sees” a black area (eye) with a white dot on it (iris). Therefore, experts took advantage of such a flaw in the system and placed a black electrical tape on the surface of the glasses, and in the center they glued a white, imitating the iris.

However, this method of circumventing Face ID protectionquite unusual and complicated, as the owner should still wear glasses, because the scanner reads the facial features of the user. Hacking the phone with glasses and electrical tape is possible when the victim is unconscious or sleeping.

Source: 9to5mac