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Extroverts love the plains, and introverts like mountains, scientists found

Not so long ago we told you about the difference betweenintroverts and extroverts. Today it is no secret to anyone that the brain of the introvert and the brain of extroverts work differently due to differences in the functioning of the reward system. In simple words, introverts get tired of communication and excessive activity from the outside, while extroverts need communication to improve their well-being. However, the differences do not end there. A study published in the journal Journal of Research in Personality found that introverts and extroverts feel comfortable in different geographic settings.

When planning a trip, you should consider your personality type

Why did the hermits go to the mountains?

In many cultures there is an image of a hermita person who lives alone in a forest or in the mountains and does not communicate with other people. The thing is that the forest and mountains attract certain people - for example, those who share the qualities of hermits. Most define a hermit as a person who wants to live away from society or spends a lot of time alone. Thus, introversion describes the personality of the hermit most briefly - that is, introverts like to be alone in the mountains. And one of the main aspects of extroversion is sociability or the degree to which people are willing to interact with others. It is not surprising that a number of previous studies have shown that extroverts need a sense of belonging - to be around, live, collaborate and communicate with other people, as well as the need to attract attention to themselves. In turn, introverts do not need frequent contacts with others and demonstrate their qualities. Researchers note that both extroverts and introverts tend to be in an environment that can satisfy their needs.

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A beach with a lot of people is a great place for extroverts

Previously, experts suggestedthe potential connection between personality and geography. In the study, scientists focused on mountainous terrain (including forests), oceans, and plains. Lakes, deserts and rivers were not considered in the work, because mainly when people talked about places in which they would like to live, they often mentioned oceans and mountains. Indeed, when it comes to vacations, many dream of beach vacations and travel to the mountains. Thus, the relationship between personality and geography was studied in the work, and mountains and oceans were chosen as the geographical area.

Where to go to rest if you are an extrovert?

An article entitled "Personality and Geography: introverts prefer mountains ”contains a fascinating schedule that connects geographic preferences with personal data of subjects interviewed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (USA). In the course of their work, scientists interviewed several groups of students to test the connection between personality and geography. It has been found that those who prefer mountains are more secluded than ocean lovers. The subjects preferred the ocean, not the mountains, when it came to communication with others, but equally preferred to spend time in the mountains and the ocean, when they wanted to be alone with themselves. The researchers then reproduced the differences between introversion and extraversion, showing subjects the images of mountains and oceans. Extroverts noted that in order to have fun in the mountains, it will take more work than on the ocean. By inviting other subjects who were not students, scientists found that the inhabitants of the U.S. mountain states were more closed than the inhabitants of the plains.

Hermits didn’t just go to the mountains, experts found out

The researchers also experimentally checkedthe connection between introversion and mountains, sending subjects to plains, open areas or secluded woodlands. The terrain did not make people more introverted, but introverts felt happy in a closed area, and not in the plains and open areas. Here is a curious connection scientists have observed in the course of their work. And where is it more convenient for you to spend time and is the area consistent with your personality type? Share your stories in the comments and with the participants of our Telegram chat.

Scientists' results contribute toliterature on personality types and the differences between them. Introverts and extroverts have different needs and need a suitable environment. Researchers note that despite somewhat blurred geographical boundaries, geography still affects various aspects of our lives. Decisions about where to live are one of the most important decisions in life. The knowledge gained from this and other studies can help make these decisions. So, extroverts are better off going to rest on the ocean, while introverts are advised to rest in the mountains to feel happy.