Extreme sports in jetpacks made Patrol de France aircraft company (10 pics + 2 videos)

Three Extremes, Yves Rossi, Vince Reffe and FredFyuzhen, with jetpacks and wings, made an incredibly difficult and exciting flight, together with 8 aircraft of the French aerobatic team Patrol de France. The aerial view unfolded at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the sky above the southern part of France, the flight speed was 260 km / h. During the performance, the extremes managed to get close to the planes at a distance of several meters without consequences. The Jetman Dubai team was the first in the world to make such a crazy and exciting flight to the last second.

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A year ago, Yves Rossi with partner VinceWith a reffeet, a spectacular air show with the participation of the Airbus A380 airliner took place in the sky over Dubai. At that moment it seemed that it was impossible to do something more stunning.