Explained how the touch mode switch works for Model X / S electric vehicles

Introduced January 2021The modified Tesla Model S and Model X electric vehicles received a completely redesigned steering. Now the steering wheel can be replaced with a rectangular steering wheel, reminiscent of the control system of an aircraft or a Formula 1 car. As a result, the driver received a greater view, and the sensor buttons and drum switches located on it radically changed the car's gearshift system.

Another innovation in modernized carsTesla Model S and Model X have been abandoning the drive mode selector lever. From now on, switching to Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive (PRND) mode will be automated and transferred to the vehicle control system. For example, when driving from a parking lot in front of a wall, the car automatically engages in reverse.

However, the developers promised to providethe ability to use an alternative way to switch driving modes using the touch screen. Twitter now shows the shifting process on the refreshed Model S and Model X.

Ok, so this is how u change gears on the new S / X @elonmusk @tesla

- Michael Hsu (@hsumacher) March 24, 2021
In order for the driver to switch to the modeDrive or Reverse, he only needs to press on the touch screen on the image of a tiny car and pull up (Drive) or down (Reverse). To switch to neutral mode, you will have to dig into the menu, and enthusiasts have not yet reached the touch-sensitive activation of the parking mode.

According to Elon Musk, the use of touchcontrol is a backup option. All changes are made automatically by the vehicle, which tracks the direction of travel, detects obstacles and controls navigation. According to Musk, once having tried the mode without levers, the driver will not want to go back to the old system, as it will annoy him.