Experts tested the effect of fast charging on the battery life of smartphones

The introduction of technology for fast charging smartphonesIt raises controversial comments from users who are concerned about the longevity of the battery, the replacement of which is not only time-consuming, but also requires relatively large funds.

Recently, a message appeared on the Internet that40 W fast charging helps reduce battery capacity from 100 to 70% in the same number of recharging cycles for which 15 W charging results in only 90% reduction in capacity. Experts decided in practice to verify the veracity of such a statement.

Testing performed at Oppo LabsIndia, and the Oppo Ace2 smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery was chosen for testing. For recharging, a 65 W charger was used. During testing, the smartphone went through 800 charge cycles.

Test results showed that after 800cycles of a full charge of the battery when using a 65 W charger, the actual battery capacity decreased to 91%. Thus, the test data indicate that the energy autonomy of the smartphone remains relatively high during the first two years of operation. And claims of harm to the battery from the use of powerful chargers are somewhat exaggerated. The test results are confirmed by an independent company TUV Rheinland, which conducted similar tests, resulting in similar results.