Experts noted the high maintainability of the Galaxy S21 smartphone (video)

Newly launched new flagshipSamsung smartphones undergo extensive research and numerous tests. Experts of the PBKreviews resource disassembled the Samsung Galaxy S21 model and examined the internal layout of the device's parts, and also evaluated its maintainability.

Samsung smartphone was used for testingGalaxy S21 powered by Snapdragon 888 processor. In a video posted on Youtube channel PBKreviews, it is noted that the internal arrangement of parts in the smartphone is similar to the previous model of the company Galaxy S20, which is probably done to reduce the cost of production.

After a complete disassembly of the smartphone, the specialistnoted that the dismantling process has become much easier, which increases the maintainability of the device. One of the main advantages of the internal design of the smartphone is the display mount using special removable ribbon cables, rather than solder, which will greatly simplify screen replacement.

The expert also noted that the increasedthe surface of the fingerprint sensor, increases the speed and reliability of the smartphone locking system. Another advantage of the Galaxy S21 is the graphite-based cooling system, which makes it more efficient than copper pipes.

Galaxy S21 model works with one SIM card,however, the reader itself is designed for two cards. Most likely the second slot is simply blocked by software. As a result of testing, the Galaxy S21 smartphone was assigned a maintainability of 7.5 points out of 10 possible.

Source: phonearena