Experts estimate the cost of Hyperloop between Moscow and St. Petersburg (3 photos)

Worldwide development is underway.transport systems for high-speed passenger delivery. The development of a high-speed railway (VSM) is being considered on the most important Moscow-St. Petersburg route for Russians. However, the most promising of the modern development of Hyperloop from Ilona Mask would allow to reduce the journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow to 33 minutes.

Find out the cost of laying a Hyperloop systemExperts from the Institute of Natural Monopolies (IPEM) tried. The calculations showed that the laying of one tunnel for the Mask train will cost 1.18 trillion rubles, respectively, two tunnel Hyperloop will cost 2.35 trillion rubles. And this could be the longest of all the “hypertube” projected in the world - 650 km. The cost of the proposed high speed rail system is about 1.5 trillion rubles.

The speed of trains in the future high-speed rail will be inaverage about 400 km per hour. Meanwhile, the theoretical speed of Hyperloop capsules is within 1200 km per hour and the journey time between the two capitals will be only 33 minutes. True, at present the maximum real speed in the Hyperloop system is 457 km per hour.

The negative fact of a “vacuum train” isticket price for passengers. The calculation of the average cost per trip Hyperloop showed a value of 27.5 thousand rubles with a project payback period of 20 years, which is an excessive price for the average Russian, according to experts. With state support for an ambitious plan, the price tag could be reduced to 16.1 thousand rubles, however, this figure is high for the majority of passengers from Russia.