Experts assessed which applications “steal” users' personal data the most (2 photos)

Recently, Apple has requiredapplication developers to specify the settings of the privacy policy with a message about the data required from customers to control their activity. Using information provided in the App Store and Mac App Store, experts from the pCloud analytical service have compiled a list of programs and arranged them in order depending on the percentage of confidential data collected that can easily end up in the hands of third parties.

Topped the anti-rating of the most curious programsthe Instagram app collects 79% of users' personal data and Facebook, which "needs" only 57% of customer information. Linkedin is in third place among “network thieves” targeting personal data (50%). Uber Eats, Trainline, YouTube, YouTube Music, Deliveroo, Duolingo and eBay were among the most active apps hunting for personal data of customers.

According to pCloud experts, the information received by the applications is then resold to third parties, who in turn use it to promote goods or services.