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Experimental treatment can help fracture broken bones several times faster.

Many of you may know from experiencehow long and unpleasant the healing process of a bone broken as a result of a fall or a strong blow may seem. Fortunately for athletes, rescuers and other professions whose workdays are associated with an increased risk of injury, a new study published on showed that a combination of just two drugs can accelerate the release of stem cells from bone marrow, thereby increasing the rate of restoration of bone integrity several times.

A drug is invented that can repair damaged bones several times faster than before

How to cure a fracture?

Our body is a unique mechanism,capable of regeneration. Sarah Rankin, the author of a study aimed at finding a means for the speedy healing of fractures, believes that the main tool that helps in repairing a damaged limb is our stem cells, which are activated when it becomes especially necessary to ensure the integrity of a living being. However, although our body is strong, even it has limits that force scientists to seek new and improved methods of support.

A significant amount of modern medicalResearch focuses on the so-called mesenchymal stem cells, which are a special type of stem cells that can turn into muscle, fat, or even bones. It is known that many modern methods of treating various diseases in the development process include extracting a small amount of stem cells from the body for subsequent cultivation in laboratory conditions, then introducing them back to the patient.

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New research studyExposure to known drugs currently available has shown that a number of modern drugs are capable of mobilizing the body's natural ability to release MSC cells in order to accelerate the healing of fractures. The results of the report were first published on the pages of the journal Regenerative Medicine, which also described testing two already known drugs in a model of rodent spinal damage.

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New experimental treatment may help treat bone damage

One of the two drugs tested wasan immunostimulant called Plerixafor, used to release stem cells from bone marrow in patients with cancer, the second was a beta-3 adrenergic agonist, which is often used to control the functioning of the bladder. The result of mixing drugs showed that the mobilization of MSC cells in the bloodstream significantly accelerates the process of bone formation due to increased binding of calcium to the site of damage.

Researchers are confident that the resultstheir published work can help identify the best methods for treating not only fractures, but also burns and even heart diseases. The main hypothesis of specialists is that the release of MSCs is a natural physiological process that contributes to the general regeneration of the body after an injury. If this is true, the discovery of this feature can help move medicine to a radically new level of development in the coming years.

Be that as it may, the researchers certainlymore work remains to be done to understand the practicality of using the experimental tool in real life. However, as co-author of the study, Andia Redpat, notes, the possibility of simply reassigning existing drugs to increase the speed of stem cells is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to quickly heal injuries and their consequences compared to other, more complex treatment methods that currently exist.