Experiment: How does loneliness affect a person’s body and mind?

Do you think you can stand inisolated room without light for a whole month? Professional poker player Rich Alati put 100,000 dollars on the fact that he could do it all - he easily agreed to live 30 days in a dark room with nothing but a bed, a fridge and a toilet. Scientists have already known that during a long stay in isolation, a person begins to sleep worse, see hallucinations and experience other side effects. Rich Alati saw this from his own experience.

The main cause of Rich's ailments waslack of daylight. The fact is that the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep cycles, is directly dependent on light, and its absence strongly affects one’s well-being. In particular, light reduces the amount of melatonin and helps people feel cheerful throughout the day. In the evening, when darkness comes, the concentration of melatonin rises, and a person can rest in plenty.

Sleep disturbance leads to other problems -depression and fatigue. They, in turn, increase the risk of cancer and can lead to obesity and premature aging. It was also noticed that in an isolated environment brain activity is greatly reduced, which leads to the emergence of hallucinations. Rich Alaci admitted that already on the third day of his stay in the room, it began to seem to him that the ceiling had disappeared, and the starry sky was above his head.

Other people who happened to be in fullalone, noted other changes in their mental and physical states. For example, an Australian woman, who had been in captivity for eight years, Natasha Kampush, in her biography, noted that the absence of light and contact with people weakened her mind. According to her, she became so helpless that she carried out any orders of the kidnapper.

The severity of being in isolation also feelAntarctic researchers — they say that loneliness is the hardest part of their work. Israeli adventurer Yossi Ginsberg, who lived in Amazonia for several weeks, admitted that he had to invent imaginary friends for himself.

As for Rich Alaci - he could not hold outmonth. After 20 agonizing days, he asked to let him out to finally see the sunlight. Fortunately, he was left with nothing - $ 62,400 was returned to him. He also received something more - he noted that this hard experience showed him the value of relatives and friends.

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