Exoskeleton helped paralyzed man to walk 145 meters (video)

Restorative medicine attractshigh-tech devices to create conditions for the return of disabled people to a full life. French scientists were able to combine the exoskeleton with the brain of a 28-year-old patient paralyzed below the shoulders after a neck injury received when falling from a height of 12 meters. As a result, the exoskeleton, driven by the power of thought of a young patient, helped him overcome a distance of 145 meters.

The experiment was conducted by researchers from the center.Clinatec University of Grenoble's biomedical research in France. Two patients were selected for testing, but one had to be excluded due to technical difficulties in implanting electrodes into the brain area.

The remaining patient was implanted in the areabrain two sensors equipped with 64 electrodes that transmit signals from the brain. The patient trained for 24 months on 2D and 3D virtual objects, controlling the avatar in a kind of computer game. The use of such simulations allowed an almost completely paralyzed patient to go through 480 steps (145 meters). For balancing and patient stability, during the test test, the exoskeleton was attached to the safety system located on the ceiling. The next stage of testing will be to provide the hybrid person and the mechanical skeleton with complete freedom of movement.

Source: cbslocal