Eximus IV sets record for energy efficiency for electric vehicles (2 photos)

Eximus IV device, competition winnerDelsbo Electric on the presentation of the most economical car in Sweden, according to the emotional statement of one of the organizers of the tournament, Professor Henrik Roedegaard, will be able to drive half the world on energy from one liter of gasoline. The victory in the annual Delsbo student competition is traditionally awarded to the Eximus team, which won all the competitions of the tournament that started in 2016.

Delsbo Electric organizers celebratesignificant progress in the creation of energy efficient cars. So all models participating in the competition in 2020 use less energy than a headlight in a standard car. According to the terms of the Delsbo Electric competition, the vehicle must travel 3.36 km along the track with a payload equivalent to 6 people. Only the specific energy consumption in watt-hours per person is estimated, without taking into account the speed parameters of the vehicle.

At the first competition in 2016, the Eximus teamwon with 0.84 Wh per person. The entire track is equipped with modern measuring equipment, which allows collecting data on vehicle performance two thousand times per second. After processing the information received, the Eximus developers were able to detect an 8 mm difference in the distance between the rails and adjusted the wheelbase of the Eximus IV to achieve better results.

Already in 2019, the new Eximus showed a result of 0.603Wh per person. This year the record was only 0.517 Wh per person. In the next competition, the organizers promise to equip the track with sensors that record the strength and direction of the wind, as well as temperature, which will allow you to quickly change the driving mode and achieve even lower specific energy consumption.

Source: delsboelectric