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Everything you need to know about smartphones imported by parallel import

Contrary to popular belief, parallel import This is not an invention of the Russian authorities.The term itself, like the phenomenon, appeared long before it was decided to be approved in our country. As a general rule, purchases of goods without the permission of the copyright holder become legal at the moment when he put them on free sale. In this case, even if the manufacturer does not agree to deliver its products to the selected country, others can do it for him by simply outbidding it and arranging delivery on their own. A similar principle applies in the US and even the European Union. So it makes no sense to be surprised at parallel imports, and even more so to condemn it. However, there are a number of aspects that it is still good to understand.

Thanks to parallel imports, gray has also become legal.


  • 1 Gray and Parallel Imports - Differences
  • Why have iPhones gone up in price?
  • 3 Prices for Samsung smartphones and iPhone
  • 4 Parallel import guarantee
  • Where is the best place to buy an iPhone?

Gray and Parallel Imports - Differences

By its form gray and parallel import - This is the same.If earlier, when parallel imports were prohibited, and only manufacturers or their distributors had the exclusive right to import goods, any products that were brought from abroad without the consent of the copyright holders were considered gray, now everything is different. Now this is generally the only way to bring into Russia the necessary volumes of equipment and other goods that are not produced here.

In the absence of official imports, all devices imported in parallel are legal

Many fear the changed import methodology. Say iPhones brought from abroad, may have, if not defects, then somefeatures that will not allow their full use in Russia. This is not true. Because they are subject to all the same laws and regulations that were valid for officially imported devices. Here are some examples using the iPhone as an example, although the same is true for other devices too:

  • At the same time, imported iPhones are purchased from Apple or its partners, but only abroad, and then delivered to Russia in the same way as the official ones;
  • Such smartphones are subject to mandatory certification in Russia, and therefore they are guaranteed not to pose any danger to you - before they go on sale, they are carefully checked by supervisory authorities, including the FSB;
  • On parallel iPhones there is a one-year warranty, as well as on official models, but now the responsibility for maintenance falls on the sellers.

Why have iPhones gone up in price?

In fact, parallel imports canall sellers, not just large retail chains. Because it is, to paraphrase a classic, a right, not a privilege. And, interestingly, large retailers have become hostages of their size and sluggishness. They are forced to buy large volumes of iPhones and other equipment abroad in order to meet the demand in each region of their presence.

Small shops are in a better position than large retail chains because they incur lower costs

This, in turn, entails more significant costs on their part:

  • The need to buy more currency at once (without the ability to do it gradually, playing on the course);
  • Ensure the work of legal entities in the country where procurement is carried out, or pay intermediaries for their services;
  • Increased transportation costs (transporting 100 thousand phones is more difficult and expensive than 100 or even 1000, and it is important to do this discreetly so as not to fall under sanctions);
  • Cargo insurance also costs money, and in the case of large sellers, this is a prerequisite. It's no joke - 100 thousand iPhones.

Now there is no differences between serovars and white retailers, because almost all imports have actually become white.

So it turns out that small sellers can set more profitable prices for parallel imported equipment. And sometimes the difference can reach 50% andeven more. I understand that buying equipment in well-known stores is really calmer for many people. But it's a false peace of mind that a) makes you pay a lot more and b) doesn't give you any extra protection.

Prices for Samsung and iPhone smartphones

Prices in are lower than in most retail chains

To begin with, I propose to compare prices in one popular retail chain and at the retailer:

iPhone 13 128 GB

  • Large retail network - 83,990 rubles
  • - 57,990 rubles

iPhone 13 256 GB

  • Large retail network - 95,990 rubles
  • - 62,990 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB

  • Large retail network - 115,990 rubles
  • - 71,990 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB

  • Large retail network - 129,990 rubles
  • - 81,490 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB

  • Large retail network - 120,990 rubles
  • — 79,990 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB

  • Large retail network - 137,990 rubles
  • - 86,990 rubles

iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB

  • Large retail chain — 199,990 rubles
  • - 105,490 rubles

Galaxy Z Fold3 12/256 GB

  • Large retail network - 169,990 rubles
  • - 112,990 rubles

Galaxy S22 8/128 GB

  • Large retail network - 89,990 rubles
  • - 51,990 rubles

The best prices for smartphones

The guys have a very wide range.They offer smartphones for purchase in different color variations and with different combinations of hardware. For example, they have Galaxy devices for different markets, including those based on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. This chip is considered the coolest today, so it makes sense to pay attention to this particular configuration.

Parallel import guarantee

Simultaneously imported smartphones in the Russian Federation are repaired almost without restrictions

Warranty service is an important aspect of protection for absolutemost buyers of smartphones that cost not three pennies. “Where will I go if the iPhone fails?” we ask. In fact, there are two options here:

The first is to contact an authorized servicecenter. Despite the fact that many companies, including Apple and Samsung, limited the supply of their equipment to Russia, no one particularly complained about warranty service. Unless the repair time has increased, because now the companies do not supply the necessary components in advance, but for each application separately.

Samsung smartphones from Kazakhstan and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in the Russian Federation are served without restrictions.

The second is to contact the seller.If this is, you will definitely not have problems with warranty service. The store provides its customers with a one-year warranty on all smartphones that it sells. So during this period you will be able to contact him for marriage or breakdowns beyond your control without restrictions. The guys will definitely not leave you alone with the problem. carries only tested smartphones. Therefore, buying any smartphone there, you canbe sure that you will not come across a smartphone locked under the operator that will not accept the SIM card of the Russian operator. It is especially pleasant that the guys warn about all the restrictions of parallel imported devices in advance. For example, they write right on the page of Samsung smartphones that Samsung Pay does not work on such devices in Russia.

The best prices for smartphones

This is a limitation of Samsung itself.It is not clear for what reason, but the company limits the operation of its payment service in the territory of the Russian Federation on devices that are not intended for our market. This is an important clarification that is usually ignored by large retail chains. However, Samsung Pay can be replaced with Mir Pay - it certainly won't be turned off or banned by anyone.

Where is the best place to buy an iPhone offers extended kits for all smartphones delivers smartphones solely on their own. This is the only way to maintain the highest level of customer service.

In general, in terms of service, is head and shoulders above more eminent competitors. Such a VIP service at the maximum:

  • couriers are not just bags with legs, but trained specialists who will help you activate, set up a new smartphone and understand its possibilities;
  • "leads" its clients, as they say, from and to, and does not quit after 3 or 6 months, offering to deal with marriage or other problems on their own;
  • The store offers several kits:simple (the smartphone itself and a SIM card), super-kit (sim card, protective glass and power supply), mega-kit (super-kit plus silicone pad and antivirus), revolution (mega-kit plus free shipping, anti-nuclear patch, powerbank , cardholder, wireless charging, headphones, offline cards).
  • Video appreciates the quality of service and promptness of delivery, therefore it does not exchange for work with transport companies and because of this does not deliver equipment to the regions, but it carries almost without restrictions in Moscow and the region.

The best prices for smartphones

If you wish, you can visit shop personally.The guys, unlike ordinary serovars, have not only an order pick-up point, but also a full-fledged pavilion, where even stars often drop by. And since the store has been operating for more than 18 years, you can be sure that you will be served in the best possible way. After all, during this time the guys got to know the market, perhaps like no other.