Everest was cleaned and the amount of rubbish and corpses was calculated.

In spring and autumn, during the absence of sustainablewinds, climbers are actively beginning to conquer Everest. Due to the high rate of development of tourism, those wishing to conquer the highest point of the Earth are becoming more and more - if in 1983 8 people climbed the mountain, in 2012 the peak was reached by 234 people. During a long hike, people leave mountains of garbage, and some climbers die, and remain under layers of snow. Recently, the staff of the Nepal Tourism Department carried out a general cleaning on the mountain and told how much rubbish and dead bodies they found.

The heavy pollution of Everest is due to the fact thatClimbing involves not only climbers, but also guides who, to the extent possible, provide safety throughout the journey. Sometimes people climb to the top so much that there are “traffic jams” on the mountain, which even cause alpinist fights. After stopping in special camps, people leave behind a mountain of food packaging and equipment like oxygen cylinders, which, of course, there is no one to clean.

On Everest, found four corpses and heaps of garbage

General cleaning is sometimes arranged on the mountain, andone of them was conducted by the authorities of Nepal. In total, people collected more than 10,000 kilograms of garbage, with the second and third camps being the most polluted places. If possible, the collected garbage will be sent for recycling, and not just thrown out.

As for the bodies of dead climbers, they werefound four pieces - they were sent to the hospital for identification. In fact, there may be more of them on the way to the summit of Everest, they are simply hidden under a thick layer of snow. In the future, the government of Nepal may organize another expedition when the snow is more susceptible to melting.

It is noteworthy that scientifically the topEverest is not the highest point on planet Earth. Why it is so, and where then is the peak of our planet, you can read in our material.

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