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Even the astronauts are quarantined, and you sit at home?

April 9, from the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, startsSoyuz rocket with three astronauts on board. She is on her way to the International Space Station, where three astronauts currently live and work. Perhaps you have already thought about the main problem that accompanies us on Earth - the coronavirus. What is the likelihood that new astronauts will bring the virus to the ISS? This time they fly into orbit: NASA representative Chris Cassidy and Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner. Anatoly and Ivan were originally a reserve crew, but one of the main astronauts was injured in the eye and a decision was made to replace him. In total, the astronauts will spend six months on the ISS. Probably, when they return to Earth, the coronavirus will no longer rage here.

Ivan Wagner (left), Anatoly Ivanishin (center), and Chris Cassidy (right)

International Space Stationabbreviated as ISS - manned orbitalthe station at which the cosmonauts live and work. Launched into space at the end of 1998, it is expected to work until 2030. The station is a joint international project in which 14 countries participate. At the same time, up to 6 people can live on the ISS. At their disposal are various laboratories and scientific compartments.
Interesting fact - station cost about 150 billion dollars

Self-isolation index, Yandex service

If in Russia not everyone respects quarantine (evenYandex introduced a special service that monitors the observance of quarantine by the inhabitants of our country), then the astronauts were forced (actually obliged) to go through quarantine before this flight. Moreover, if the usual quarantine of astronauts before the flight lasts several days and is not very strict, then due to the coronavirus isolation was increased to almost a month. For example, astronauts could not move freely.

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If I were in normal quarantine - I couldgo to some restaurants and explore the areas of Star City. My responsibilities would simply be to think about where I am going and why. But not at this time. We spent all the time quarantined in our cottages, and it was simply necessary to secure the flight.

Chris Cassidy, NASA Astronaut

Necropolis near the Kremlin wall

The astronauts did not make traditional trips toKremlin wall (Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin (1934-1968) and Sergey Pavlovich Korolev (1907-1966) were buried there) and did not visit the house where Sergey Korolev lived. Life before the flight was also not very ordinary - the astronauts could not leave their cottages, freely move around Star City and visit public places. It was real quarantine, as it should be during a pandemic. Flight managers say that special attention was paid to hygiene - all surfaces that cosmonauts came into contact with were thoroughly disinfected. All cosmonauts washed their hands thoroughly and maintained social distance.

Memorial House Museum of Academician S.P. Korolev. 6th Ostankino Lane

I wonder if the astronauts will be allowed to descendlittle on the bus wheel? If you watched the movie “Gagarin. The first in space ”, probably remembered this scene. When Yuri Gagarin asked to stop the bus on which he was being taken to the launch pad, he got out and urinated on the wheel. Since then, all astronauts flying from Baikonur have traditionally performed this “maneuver”.
A joke of course. Unfortunately, modern spacesuits do not allow astronauts to follow this old and good tradition.

Escorting the astronauts on the flight will also be different: The media are not invited, NASA and Roscosmos employees will be present only in the minimum composition, there will be no festive farewell with crowds of journalists and guests. Cassidy shared on his Instagram rap, which was recorded by his friend, who lives in the United States. Rap, oddly enough, is about quarantine. Listen to this work at the link. The whole world supports each other in this difficult time: even the astronauts are locked up. So maybe you will follow their example and help the world stop the virus?

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