EvaChill portable air conditioner weighing less than 1 kg will refresh the room in 10 minutes (video)

In anticipation of the summer heat, manufacturersHVAC technology represent new developments that allow not only to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room, but also to significantly reduce energy consumption when using new types of compact air conditioners.

EvaChill engineers presented a miniaturean air conditioner branded EV-500, which can be placed on a bedside table, desktop or windowsill. With its small dimensions and low weight, not exceeding 1 kg, a portable air conditioner will cool a medium-sized room in 10 minutes.

New from EvaChill developers hasan impressive list of advantages over standard household air conditioners. First of all, this is a reduction in electricity consumption, which ultimately ensures a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. In addition to cooling the air, the EV-500 also operates in humidifier mode using a special water tank.

The miniature air conditioner operatesreplaceable cartridges based on fully degradable mineral compounds. According to the developers, the EV-500 air conditioner completely destroys all 100% of bacteria and mold spores, and air humidification ensures the most comfortable sleep.

The EV-500 chassis in working order performsnight light functions with soft bluish backlighting. The filters installed in the air conditioner also trap dust particles from the air. The EV-500 is priced at $ 128.