EU Council passed copyright law

The directive previously approved by the European ParliamentCopyright law adopted by the EU Council contains many contradictory provisions. Nevertheless, the chairman of the European Commission believes that the document guarantees fair payments for the authors.

The main stumbling block during the discussionDirectives became articles 11 and 13. Article 11 stipulates the right to receive remuneration when publishing copyright materials, up to passages. Article 13 obliges to monitor copyright compliance when downloading content. Such requirements will oblige all services to introduce a preliminary moderation of all materials, the authors of which live in the EU.

In a previously published draft article 13,relating to rewards, was more democratic and allowed the use of publications with reference to the source. In addition, this directive did not concern Wikipedia and similar open platforms. The requirement of payment of remuneration depends on the amount of profit received by the party using the copyright material.

In the last edition, Article 13 turned intoArticle 17. During the discussion, the article caused a flurry of indignation, and over 5 million people signed a petition against its adoption. Against the adoption of the article were made and large companies, including Google.

The directive will take effect in 24 months. Therefore, the EU still has time to prevent a “black day for freedom of speech on the Internet.”