Ericsson has created a unique method of protecting smartphones from theft (5 photos)

Modern smartphones arehigh-tech, compact and expensive device, which is attractive for criminal elements. To reduce the likelihood of theft, mobile device manufacturers use highly sophisticated innovative methods: unlocking using biometric data, remotely disabling the device, and the ability to determine the exact coordinates of a smartphone.

Ericsson from Sweden has developedThe original solution that will allow the smartphone itself to assess the surrounding situation. The developers have patented a smartphone equipped with a sensor system that allows you to determine the nature of the environment surrounding the device.

The smartphone can independently "understand" that itlocated in a pocket, lying on the table or in a bag. The analysis of the environment is done on the basis of the data of gyros, light sensor and microphone. When you grab a smartphone with your hand, the device attempts to determine whether the hand belongs to the owner or is it a stranger’s hand. For this, for example, you can use biometric data and compare the heart rate of the host with the heart rate of the person taking the smartphone in his hands.

When identifying a stranger bodyThe smartphone starts to vibrate at ultrasound frequencies. Hold the smartphone in such conditions will be difficult, especially if the thief gently pulls the gadget out of the pocket of the owner, holding the edge of the case. That is why the patented method of protection is called “adaptive friction.”

While technology from Ericsson is not ready for mass implementation in the device. When this happens, and how much it will increase the cost of the final product is not reported.