EpiWear - wrist autoinjector for allergy sufferers (video)

For people prone to acute allergiesreactions to various external stimuli, such as insect bites or peanuts, life saving may depend on seconds. Therefore, such patients should always have on hand a device for the automatic injection of adrenaline (epinephrine). At the same time there is always a risk that the device may be lost, and if it is in a bag, people who provide assistance to the victim may not find it or find it too late.

Developers from Rice University suggestedThe original idea of ​​creating an autoinjector in the form of a wristwatch. In the event of an emergency, the victim will be able to quickly use the device and make an injection of adrenaline charge. The device was called EpiWear. The idea of ​​creating a compact wearable device put forward Justin Tang, a specialist in bioengineering himself suffers from peanut allergies. The developer noted that he was always worried about the danger of being helpless during an acute attack of an allergic reaction, and it was not very convenient to carry a standard injector with you, especially in simple everyday situations, such as walking or dinner with friends.

EpiWear provides an injection of 0.3 millilitersadrenaline and inserted into a device worn on the hand, resembling a watch. The created prototype has several large sizes, however, according to the developers, this is due to the 3D printing process of the prototype. The main task of the further work of the inventors is to give the device a digestible design look and to reduce the cost. EpiWear may also be of interest to Apple, which is actively working on a non-invasive way to track glucose levels using Apple Watch.