ePatch - electronic wound healing patch (2 photos)

American scientists from the Institute of BiomedicalTerasaki's innovations have created an electronic patch capable of speeding up wound healing. The novelty is designed to replace the bulky and inflexible electrodes used until now in electric field therapy.

Smart patch contains silvernanowires as electrodes embedded in alginate, an absorbent substance to control moisture. By chemically modifying alginate and adding calcium, which in the mixture induces cell proliferation and their migration to the wound site, the scientists obtained a material that increased the stability and functionality of the electrode.

By itself, stimulation by an electric fieldconsidered an effective method of wound healing. The current activates the migration of skin cells and other granulation elements, promoting the formation of new capillaries and preventing excessive inflammation. The creators of ePatch are confident that their development will make electric therapy more accessible, and therefore more popular.