EnvisionBody app will show you how you might look after training

Pandemic-related restrictive measuresthe coronavirus has led to the appearance of excess weight in many people. In order to motivate users to exercise intensively, the US startup EnvisionBody came up with an original idea for an app showing the user's body appearance after intense exercise.

Presentation of a new approach to training systemswas carried out at the events of the CES 2021 exhibition. The founder of the startup is actively negotiating with representatives of companies working in the health and fitness sector to implement developments in real projects.

To demonstrate the results of physical activityThe application uses data from heart rate sensors and computer vision systems, and information processing is carried out using artificial intelligence. To obtain final results, the application also requires the provision of data on the user's body type and volumetric parameters of the body. Implementation of the application's capabilities can be carried out not only in the application, but also integrated into sports simulators.

Source: incrussia