Enthusiasts pretended to travel around the planets of the solar system (video)

The usual trip by car through the expanses of othersplanets can turn into an exciting journey, thanks to various gravity. A visual demonstration of travel with varying gravity was provided by the YouTube channel The Action Lab. Enthusiasts modeled the movement of a standard pickup truck under the influence of various gravitational loads, which correspond to the realities of some planets of our solar system. To create a simulation, the application was used.

Journey through the vast Jupiter, where powergravity 2.4 times more than the usual Earth's gravity occurs in slow motion, due to the large gravity pushing the car to the track. The maneuverability of a car carrying a load of 2.4 times its own weight is significantly reduced. The opposite effect occurs during a virtual trip along the Moon, where gravity is 6 times lower than Earth and the car loses its maneuverability due to a sharp decrease in weight.

And here is a virtual journey across the surfaceIt is unlikely that the sun can be made, even if we ignore the temperature factor and the path that passes through the plasma. Gravity in the Sun is 28 times higher than Earth, which is likely to lead to the destruction of the car under its own weight.