Enthusiast used an exoskeleton to set a record for power extreme (video)

Human mechanical assistants in a form factorIn addition to traditional warehouse work, the exoskeleton can also be used for extreme power competition. The capabilities of an exoskeleton of his own production were demonstrated by enthusiast James Hobson, presenting another original invention on the YouTube channel Hacksmith. The inventor had previously demonstrated the capabilities of a mechanical device, when in 2016 he lifted a barbell weighing 78 kg. Now, a more advanced model was able to compete with the armwrestling champions.

Hacksmith promoters claim thatall the devices they represent can be made without special equipment and scarce or expensive parts. All original products presented on the channel can be created from accessories purchased in stores. Engineers at Hacksmith demonstrate the assembly process in a typical garage with no special hardware installed.

The discipline was chosen to set the recordcalled a strict lift to the biceps, the world record in which belongs to the Russian Denis Tsyplenkov and is 113 kg. When creating an exoskeleton capable of competing with armwrestling champions, the inventors used hydraulic actuators that significantly increase the user's muscle strength.

In the Hacksmith YouTube channelThe demo video shows how Hobson, in the first stage, first surpassed his four-year-old record and easily coped with a weight of 79 kg. Then the engineer easily surpassed Denis Tsyplenkov's record and lifted a barbell weighing 115 kg. Without stopping at this, the enthusiast took the weight of 125 kg, making an impressive groundwork in the unofficial competition of mechanisms and people.

Source: geeky-gadgets