Enthusiast created T800 terminator capable of speaking and distinguishing objects (video)

Enthusiast Michael Darby created a new project based onthe popular Raspberry Pi 4 single board computer and many accessories. He recreated the head of the T-800 terminator, adding a speech synthesizer, an object recognition system, and other features.

The project itself uses an older versionRaspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM, Adafruit Braincraft HAT module, camera, LEDs and more. The T-800 skull itself was bought by the author in an online store.

A microphone is provided to communicate with the terminator,the system “understands” the replicas addressed to it. The project itself is still at an early stage, but in the future the author plans to improve his creation by introducing new features.

Judging by the published video, the novelty canrecognize objects and speak. At the same time, all initial data, including firmware for a single-board computer, a list of components and other data are available on GitHub.