English startup builds 18-seat bioelectric hybrid aircraft

English startup Faradair Aerospace unveiledplans to build and sell an 18-seat bio-electric hybrid aircraft for use as passenger and cargo air transport. The company called its own aircraft, Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft, or BEHA. The latest model is the M1H, and plans include a triple-wing configuration giving the aircraft exceptional lift.

Bioelectric aircraft with 18 seats: will it fly or not?

The M1H will have an electric motor for use intake-off and landing time, which ensures quieter operation than aircraft with a traditional jet engine. Faradair engineers say that when taking off, the plane will produce only 60 dBA of noise, while for jet planes this figure averages 140 dBA. It will also be equipped with a 1600 hp turboprop engine that will be used during the flight and for recharging the batteries that power the aircraft during landing and take-off.

Faradair representatives also argue thatthe plane will be able to land and take off from shorter runways than ordinary jets - it will need only 300 meters to accelerate. This will be possible thanks to the “vector pitch”, which is provided by two counter-rotating motor fans, a triple box wing and a lightweight body made of carbon composites. Once in the air, the plane will be able to fly at a speed of 400 km / h.

The team that created the plane that operates inpartnership with Swansea University, plans to begin commercial flights in 2025. They expect small airlines to want to buy their plane for several reasons. The first is a shorter flight time for passengers: they promise a 42-minute connection between London and Manchester. At the present time, this flight takes an hour. Also, the aircraft will run on biofuel, and not on traditional fuel for aircraft, which makes it environmentally friendly. The use of electricity for take-off and landing will reduce the cost of the flight, which will result in lower costs for passengers - and may encourage them to change the carrier. The company also states that the aircraft can be converted from passenger to cargo in 15 minutes, which will undoubtedly prove useful to carriers.

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