Encompass - toothbrush for the lazy (3 photos)

Monotonous and monotonous toothbrushing procedurecan be reduced by using the technology offered in a special Encompass toothbrush. The entire process, while maintaining high cleaning teeth takes only 20 seconds, the creators of the gadget assure.

Existing Marketplace ToothbrushesAmabrush and Chiiz, who cope with the task in a period of 10 to 30 seconds, use a different principle based on the use of bristle working heads vibrating during fixation of the bite of users. Encompass has an original head with a J-shaped bristle, which independently adjusts to the individual characteristics of the teeth of the owner of both the upper and lower jaw, the posterior and anterior surfaces.

After applying the paste, the head located inone of the jaw bites, which activates the start of the Encompass motor, which pumps air into the working part of the toothbrush. As a result, a bubble is cyclically formed and deflated inside the head, which initiates the progressive movement of the upper and lower halves of the head with a frequency of 100 movements per second. A thorough brushing takes only 10 seconds. In the second part of the jaw, the process is repeated.

Supercompany Encompass project proposeddevelopers from Sonicare and Clarasonic, specializing in electric toothbrushes. On the Indiegogo site, the device can be ordered for $ 99, and the retail price is already $ 189. The project has already raised over 200 thousand dollars with the required 30 thousand dollars to start production, and more than two weeks are left until the end of the fundraising.