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Elon Musk wishes you a Happy New Year 2020!

Dear Hi-News! On my own behalf, as well as Tesla and SpaceX, I will allow myself to tear you away from the festive table for a short while and heartily congratulate you on the new, 2020! This year, many different events took place in the world of high technology. Some of them turned out to be important and significant, others were less noticeable, but almost all of them, one way or another, were deposited in our memory.

Elon Musk looks confidently in 2020

For example, I managed to blow up this yearseveral rockets, launch dozens of Starlink satellites into space, dock the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the ISS and land it successfully. Starship will soon be in space too, I assure you! Well, maybe a couple more failed trials will be.

SpaceX will be able to land on most planets in the solar system

Tesla is doing well too - sales are breaking records, new charging stations are constantly opening, and by the end of the year we showed Cybertruck in general!

For 2020, we also have ambitious plans. In summer, unmanned taxis should be launched, a few more flights to the ISS, and by the end of the year send the first crew to Starship. So our plans are grandiose! Went to Cybertruck for a ride again.

Tesla Pickup Truck on Los Angeles Roads

Excerpt from the speech of Elon Musk at the Tesla and SpaceX corporate parties (actually not, but suddenly)

Wait, Ilon, what are we all about you?

Our editors join thisto an impromptu congratulation and recalls that the world of technology is limitless, and every year there are discoveries and events that change the course of history. Thank you for being with us both for the successful landing of the SpaceX rocket (hello, Ilon), and for new discoveries in the field of neurobiology, and when we talk about the achievements of Russian science. For your wishes and criticism, to which we try to listen.

This year we have changed our coursedevelopment and began to acquaint you not only with new "pieces of iron" from the computer industry, which came out almost every day and for the most part differed only in names, and began to offer you the most interesting news about science, medicine and vital issues that concern many. And it gave a result. Therefore, next year we will keep this course and will begin to acquaint you with even more interesting events that will occur in the world of technology. And if you believe the forecasts, there will be something to monitor.

I would like to wish you, our dear readers,the realization in the new year of all your plans, the realization of all your dreams and the achievement of even those goals that seem impossible to you. Yes, including shopping for Tesla, Lambo or whatever you want there.